Infrastructure and Operations

Gain end-to-end visibility across your IT infrastructure to find and fix problems faster

IT datacenters worldwide are overwhelmingly complex, with hundreds of different technologies and devices layered and entwined to deliver business services. Virtualisation and cloud computing multiply this complexity, especially when there are outages or performance issues. IT operations management teams and administrators waste valuable time moving from one console to another, logging onto one element after another, trying to track down the data they need to ensure high performance and availability.

Splunk provides a better approach. It collects and indexes all the data generated by your IT infrastructure - your networks, server and guest OS, hypervisors, database audit trails, message queues. It works with any machine-generated data, including logs, file configurations, performance metrics, SNMP traps and custom application logs. And without the need for custom parsers or adapters. With Splunk you can turn silos of data into integrated, actionable information and operational insights.

Key features

  • Empower people, reduce escalations
  • Resolve problems faster, reduce downtime
  • Pro-actively monitor events across all layers of your infrastructure
  • Reduce costs of providing IT services

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